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What you get:

A Proper Oil Change

First We Remove you engine oil cap and dipstick tube for Ultrasonic Cleaning.

Then We Remove the engine drain plug for Ultrasonic cleaning as well.

We prefer to let the car drain for at least 20 minutes, (most other places pull the plug, and then recap it within a minute. this leaves behind a lot of dirty oil).

Your Engine Oil Drain Plug gets re installed with a new SUBARU OEM Crush Washer.
The Engine Oil filter is replaced with a SUBARU OEM Engine Oil Filter.

We Fill the engine Oil Filter with oil before installation (all EJ20/EJ25 Models).

Engine Oil Carefully Filled with Specality Subaru Funnel with screen, (No chance of spillage or foreign materials getting into your engine)

This Service is $45 For all EJ Series Engines.

This Service is $40 For all FA Series Engines.

 Parts Are Extra. (In Stock and always ready to go)